Our discovery Island 2 - American

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  • Dòng sản phẩm: Sách
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Our discovery Island  - American ( Trọn bộ Giáo khoa + Bài tập + CD )

Student Book and wordbook w/ CD-ROM * Each level of the Student Book contains a Welcome unit and 8 units each designed for 3-5 hours of class per week. Each unit includes a values lesson, a cross curricular lesson and a "phonics" lesson. The access code printed at the back of the book gives students and parents unique and safe access to the online world. * The CD-ROM contains additional interactive games and puzzles related to each unit of the Student Book. It also includes the songs and chants.

Công ty phát hành   Pearson Education                                                      
Tác giả - Dịch giả  Laura Millerm, Jose Luis Morales      
Nhà xuất bản  Pearson
Số trang  Trang
Loại bìa  Bìa mềm